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May 18 2020 ·

07. iOS Office Hours: June 26, 2020

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Notes: 07. iOS Office Hours: June 26, 2020

  • 5:11 - WWDC recap presentation
  • 30:31 - "why isn’t there raywenderlich on Mac App Store? not everyone will have accessibility to internet all the time."
  • 32:49 - "Does a singleton count as a global variable? Also, why is it considered bad design by some developers? - Jocelyn"
  • 38:36 - "I have a 3D spaceship in SCNNode. How can I find an enemy scnnode in relationship to my spaceship node? Like infront of me? In my six oclock? And how do I rotate my weapon node to aim/face the enemy? I know how to do it in 2D, but 3D facing is quite different. Thanks. - Mind"
  • 43:48 - "I have started learning how to implement auto layout in code. I am curious which is the best way to do that. Should I take the route of NSLayoutConstraint or NSLayoutAnchor or Visual Format Language? I know that nowadays most developers are using NSLayoutAnchor. Also is learning VFL even relevant in the current times. What would be the best method that I should keep my complete learning focus on? - Shruti"
  • 54:05 - "I would still like to have a storyboard/xibs vs code discussion. I find it quite harmful to never have done anything in code (UI). - Aleahim"

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