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May 18 2020 ·

10. iOS Office Hours: July 17, 2020

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Notes: 10. iOS Office Hours: July 17, 2020

  • 6:02 - "Can you explain the difference between draw() with context and withOut context - MrCreator"
  • 8:13 - "Can you talk about your workflows for developing new features? How architecture decisions are discussed and made in a team environment and what documentation is useful in this process? I’m starting out and we build dependency graphs, but that is the only documentation and the finer implementation details are left - Mobert"
  • 42:18 - "What is best practice/Do you have recommendation for building page with multiple collectionView with different scroll direction & columns?... I'm using dynamic tableView during this time but it seems inconsisent and unstable sometimes got crash caused by index of range. - Yefga"
  • 49:06 - "What is the best way to get a better look at what is determining your App Size (this framework is taking X MB, etc etc) - harmonsam"