iOS Office Hours

May 18 2020 ·

01. iOS Office Hours: May 15, 2020

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Notes: 01. iOS Office Hours: May 15, 2020

  • 08:15 - "Using Stack Overflow every day I stumble upon so many complicated answers, when a solution could be much simpler. In general, I find it there are so many developers who over complicate simple solutions and go on using random design patterns, or even 2, or 3, when a solution to a coding problem is only one line of code. Would you say a developer should strive to keep the code simple, clean, reusable, and don't over-use design patterns when they are not needed? --Danijela"

  • 14:04 - "Since SwiftUI is the new shinny thing in our belts I would like to have some light regarding: How to implement biometrics in a SwiftUI app? How to implement a view to capture the biometrics or fallback into input a password? Something like WhatsApp use. When the user leave the app and come back… how to add a biometric “wall” to let the user in after authenticated? --R4S3C"

  • 18:00 - "I am a software developer, but it isn't iOS, which is my goal. I am curious what your opinion is of the demand and growth for native iOS development in the future? Increasing or decreasing? Curious if I should just settle into my work stack, which does no iOS or mobile work, or continue investing in Swift and iOS. -- RichardX"

  • 34:50 - "I still don't understand the part about weak vs strong reference at all, but my question right now is when connecting IBOutlets from Storyboard to code or any other way, should I use weak or strong reference in general on labels, buttons, and etc. Or is the solution much more complicated and it depends? --Danijela"