iOS Office Hours

May 18 2020 ·

04. iOS Office Hours: June 5, 2020

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Notes: 04. iOS Office Hours: June 5, 2020

  • 9:05 - "Is Raywenderlich plan to have a problem solving and interview platforms such as Leetcode and HackerRank in the future? and how many numbers of hours per week I need spending on this stuff of question via swift? --Mustafa Ezzat"
  • 17:13 - "I'm learning Swift/Vapor to build an app/service that permits a user to send a "text message eg., a message to a non-IOS user... in other words... not a notification). This text message is an invitation to something via the app and I need a way for the app to read the response of the message (eg., can you attend 'some meeting' on 5/15 9:00am? y/n.... and the app needs to read either y or n). My understanding I cannot access the message contents so I am exploring a Vapor server connected thru Twilio and APN. Is there a better way for the app to 'read' the response to the message/invitation? Edited to clarify the message is a "text message" not a notification. -- funcmakerDan""
  • 21:34 - "If i need to use a db, i get mixed feedback on using coredata. What is your view on using that vs maybe realm or should i even consider firebase? --gojogo"
  • 34:53 - "Hi, what’s the best way to do instrumentation/tracking/analytics to know user’s journey in your app? -- amittal"
  • 42:45 - "What are your general thoughts and recommendations on using 3rd party libraries vs Apple Frameworks? Why opt-in on using and importing another library when possibly all the coding could be done natively. For example, why should a developer use Alamofire over URLSession, or SwiftyJSON over Codable? Different developers have different thoughts on the subject. I was wondering what do you think about this? Is it because some libraries are simpler and possibly reduce the amount of code in bigger projects? -- Danijela"