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May 18 2020 ·

05. iOS Office Hours: June 12, 2020

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Notes: 05. iOS Office Hours: June 12, 2020

  • 6:19 - "I have used Core Data in my first app. Currently, the users' data is stored only on their device. I consider using CloudKit to sync and backup users’ data. "NSPersistentCloudKitContainer" introduced in WWDC 2019 seems convenient, but is only supported on iOS 13 and it seems that there were some issues about it ( (I haven't checked if all these issues are still there on the current version). I was wondering what are your thoughts & experiences on this? Would you suggest using NSPersistentCloudKitContainer, or implementing CloudKit in some other way to support older iOS versions (It seems there is little information on this on the web), or some other solution? Can you share your thoughts and suggestions, please? Thank you! - Ted"
  • 13:00 - "I want to reduce my pdf report with pdfkit. Is there an ios (not swift) example how to insert a new pdf page of an uiview with different objects like uitextview, uilabel, uitable and uiparagraph. Many thanks! - TwinDows"
  • 15:43 - "In my app I am using AVSpeechSynthesizer for text to speech. I am trying to determine when a speech has ended, so I have tried integrating with the AVSpeechSynthesizerDelegate. Nothing I have troed works, including trying to use a SwiftUI Coordinator or just to wrap the UIKIT AVSpeechSynthesizer. - AJC"
  • 22:49 - "With my most recent iOS upgrade I began receiving three messages where code is deprecated: setScreen, setMenuVisible, and setTargetRect. It would be useful for me to see Objective-C examples of the replacement functions. Thanks much. - Fred Collopy"
  • 34:27 - "I have problem with CloudKit CKAccountChanged notification, it comes 5 times when arrive, i already tried several way but no hope after 2 days, it frustate me up :rofl:, here some way to i already tried, i put addobserver in view will appear, and remove it in viewWillDissepear, im back to home, and sign in my icloud acc in simulator, then back to home again, and back to the app, the notif comes, but it always 5 times, i already try even with the blank project in my real app, my user can subscribe to the public cloud database, but according best practice, i need to inform user when the user suddenly signout their icloud acc from setting, because subscription only work when the user logged in to the iCloud acc, thats all so the point is i need to handle or do some action when the user sign out from the iCloud when they back to app, like some alert or some label to inform the user that subscription need user to logged in to their iCloud acc, but like i said, the notification comes, but it always comes 5 times, thats my problem. - Kireonz"
  • 40:18 - "As a new developer should I learn UIKit also? And for the language do I need to learn Objective-C? - Zoha131"