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May 18 2020 ·

13. iOS Office Hours: August 7, 2020

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Notes: 13. iOS Office Hours: August 7, 2020

  • 05:24 - "I'm using SwiftUI and would like to hide the keyboard that appears after entereing a text field. I'm using .onEditingChanged to his the keyboard on pressing Return. I'd like to include hide when tapping outside the textField as well. Some searching suggests this isn't straightforward. My simple question is what is the easiest, best way to hide the keyboard with tap and return. - Bourne5321"
  • 24:52 - "I am working on a feature that should be able to detect and filter out Similar photos. I have looked into a few third party libraries but resulst are not so promising. My question is if I am to develop this feature, which apple framework would be helpful. If there is not any specific framework available, what should be my approach to achieve this feature. Thanks in advance! - haseebjvd"
  • 38:05 - "My question is regarding JSON in SwiftUI. How do I fetch JSON Data into a SiwftUI View (into a list) when that JSON file has many depth. - Gerard Gomez"
  • 44:12 - "I went on a quest to build, or more like re-think an existing alarm on the app store. I really like the features of an exisiting app but it is immensely draining phone's battery. In my research on how to build an alarm app in iOS, I found out that the aforementioned app is using a gimmicky way of presenting the alarm to the user by playing a silent audio so that the app stays in the foreground. I found out that Apple restricts certain functionalities to developers that are vital to creating an alarm, like the native alarm app - user will hear an alarm regardless of whether the app is running or on silent. Do you have any recommendations on how to go about presenting the alarm to the user, the "right' way? What good practices are there to build an alarm app in iOS? - Danijela"

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