iOS Office Hours

May 18 2020 ·

02. iOS Office Hours: May 22, 2020

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Notes: 02. iOS Office Hours: May 22, 2020

  • 6:32 - "Looking for the proper way to do view and model and view model etc for swiftui. Where do I keep data for views. How to access an object or service like for networking from views and view models etc. --DirectX"
  • 24:38 - "I am a hobbyist that has fallen in love with metal. I am working on kernel functions right now. Since kernels must return void, is there a way to use the output from one kernel as the input to a different kernel? --Iducot2"
  • 26:49 - "I am building an MVP for my personal startup and have a question that I’ve not been able to find any good answers online to regarding design/architecture for versioning/iterating cloud stored data models. Say I have built a basic “Post” struct that is Codable that feeds views that display in a social timeline feed. Initially Post only includes a few properties such as a authorName, a timestamp, and an imageURL, however I’ll need to iterate on this model as features are added such as liking, commenting, or bookmarking of Posts. I suppose properties could be added, removed, or even change types between iterations. Since I use a Codable JSONDecoder/Encoder before and after pushing and fetching models from the cloud, the decoder will fail at decoding older models once the Post model is updated, but of course I don’t want to lose old Posts as I iterate… I would want to update them to the current version. Are there any standard industry approaches to handling the iteration and updating of stored data model changes? Ideally I could continue to take advantage of automatic struct Codable conformance and encoding/decoding. However it seems like I will have to resort to either making all new properties on my model optionals or writing full custom decoders for every model. Both approaches seem to add significant labor and potential for bugs, but perhaps this is unavoidable? -- tyson"
  • 40:40 - "Hi, I would say that I'm an intermediate iOS development learner. How do I go about finding open source projects to contribute to? Is it possible to start to do as an intermediate programmer or is that something that you should do once you're advanced? -- mimzivvimzi"
  • 48:20 - "I am wondering if there some pretty way to work with nested dictionary in swift? E.g.: I have to rewrite into swift this objc line of code: deviceDataDictionary[@"device"][deviceID][@"meta"][@"class"] = value; -- inga"
  • 56:17 - "I want to ask a query related to push notifications, why Apple is killing the application with getting push notifications via voip certificate if callkit is not going to open before completionhandler? How to perform some thing when app is killed and I don't want to show notifications if no pushkit? --mrazam110"