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May 18 2020 ·

12. iOS Office Hours: July 31, 2020

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Notes: 12. iOS Office Hours: July 31, 2020

  • 5:58 - "Users' data are stored with Core Data in my project. I want to allow users to create and restore local backups of their data. Can you give me any advice or recommendations for this? If you have recommendations about cloud backups I'd like to hear them too... - Ted"
  • 9:44 - "What options are there to show a table or collection view of running gif (not static images) downloaded from the internet inside an app? - Danijela"
  • 18:28 - "I've been following your SwiftUI book and it makes me a bit worried because I feel like in the near future, developers won't be needed in the iOS world, creating iOS applications will be done by almost zero code. I'd like to hear your opinions about the future of iOS development and of course future of iOS developers. - dani"
  • 46:06 - "I'm trying to develop a PDF annotation app where I can open PDF files, have a library of them, and then be able to annotate and draw on it - similar to Noteshelf and GoodNotes. I'm aware that I'll need PDFKit and PencilKit, but I'm a bit lost on a couple of things, so I'd truly appreciate if you can point me in the right direction: How can I import files from the downloads folder and from services like Dropbox? I don't want to just have a sample PDF on the app docs nor an outside URL. Do I need to create a 'document based app' instead of a 'single view app' to create a library with the files I import? Or how would it be best? I started creating a collection, but noyt sure if it'd be best practice. - KarenAvila"
  • 50:39 - "So is it possible to generate enums dynamically? Let's say I have a list of posts divided into some categories. The categories and the data within those are added by the user at run time. Now I need to provide filtering option in my app wherin the user can choose to see the data based upon the category that he/she has chosen. I was thinking whether I should generate an enumeration for the category cases dynamically or this is not a good idea and I should just add the category cases in an array and show the filter cases in the picker view based on that array. Please advise. - Shruti"