watchOS: Complications

Feb 7 2023 Swift 5.6, watchOS 8.5, Xcode 13

Part 2: Tinted & Custom Complications

9. Tint Complications

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This video Tint Complications was last updated on Feb 7 2023

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We’ve got a new sample app for this episode, so, open up the starter Happy xcode project.


By default, if the user selects a tint color for the watch face, watchOS will desaturate the full-color image.

Layered images

When you need more control over how the image looks while tinted, you can split it into two separate images.

  let full = UIImage(named: "full"),
  let background = UIImage(named: "background"),
  let outlines = UIImage(named: "outlines")
else {
  fatalError("Images are missing from the asset catalog.")
let template = CLKComplicationTemplateGraphicExtraLargeCircularImage(
  imageProvider: CLKFullColorImageProvider(
    // 2
    fullColorImage: full,
    tintedImageProvider: .init(
      onePieceImage: full,
      twoPieceImageBackground: background,
      twoPieceImageForeground: outlines