watchOS: Complications

Feb 7 2023 Swift 5.6, watchOS 8.5, Xcode 13

Part 2: Tinted & Custom Complications

13. Display a SwiftUI View in a Complication

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After all of that work, it’s time to wrap this project up and check out your SwiftUI view in a complication.

Event to timeline entry

All the complication methods need to be able to create a CLKComplicationTimelineEntry from an EKEvent.

import EventKit
private func timelineEntry(for ekEvent: EKEvent?) -> CLKComplicationTimelineEntry {

  let event: Event?
  if let ekEvent = ekEvent {
    event = Event(ekEvent: ekEvent)
  } else {
    event = nil
  let template = CLKComplicationTemplateGraphicRectangularFullView(
    EventComplicationView(event: event)
  return .init(
    date: event?.startDate ?? .now,
    complicationTemplate: template

Localizable sample

As we learned earlier in the course, it’s important to have a sample complication for users to see when they’re choosing complications.

func localizableSampleTemplate(
  for complication: CLKComplication
) async -> CLKComplicationTemplate? {

  let start =
    bySettingHour: 10, minute: 0, second: 0, of: .now
  let end =
    byAdding: .hour, value: 1, to: start
  return CLKComplicationTemplateGraphicRectangularFullView(
    EventView(event: .init(
      color: .blue,
      startDate: start,
      endDate: end,
      title: "Gnomes rule!",
      location: "Everywhere"

The current appointment

Just like when using non-SwiftUI templates, you have to provide the current timeline entry if one exists.

return timelineEntry(for: EventStore.shared.nextEvent)

Future appointments

It is likely you have more than one event on your calendar every day.

func timelineEntries(
  for complication: CLKComplication,
  after date: Date,
  limit: Int
) async -> [CLKComplicationTimelineEntry]? {

  guard let events = EventStore.shared.eventsForToday() else {
    return [timelineEntry(for: nil)]
  let wanted = events
    .filter {$0.startDate) == .orderedAscending
    .map { timelineEntry(for: $0) }
  return wanted.count > 0 ? wanted : [timelineEntry(for: nil)]


In EventView.swift, just after the .foregroundColor(event.color) line of RoundedRectangle, add the complication foreground modifier

.previewContext(faceColor: .green)