watchOS: Complications

Feb 7 2023 Swift 5.6, watchOS 8.5, Xcode 13

Part 2: Tinted & Custom Complications

12. Refactor SwiftUI Views

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This video Refactor SwiftUI Views was last updated on Feb 7 2023

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Right now, the code for our event view has multiple issues. Not only are you unable to preview the complication, but everything is tied to EventKit.

Creating an Event type

We’ll want both SwiftUI and EventKit for this type, and we’ll make it struct called “Event”

import EventKit
import SwiftUI

struct Event {

struct Event {
  let color: Color
  let startDate: Date
  let endDate: Date
  let title: String
  let location: String?
  init(ekEvent: EKEvent) {
    color = Color(ekEvent.calendar.cgColor)
    startDate = ekEvent.startDate
    endDate = ekEvent.endDate
    title = ekEvent.title
    location = ekEvent.location
extension Event {
// Move init(ekevent:) here

Refactoring the view

OK, let’s take another look at EventView.swift

let event: Event
static var event = Event(
  color: .blue,
  startDate: .now,
  endDate: .now.addingTimeInterval(3600),
  title: "Gnomes rule!",
  location: "Everywhere"
EventView(event: event)
import ClockKit
    EventView(event: event)
let event: Event?
} else if let event = event {
  EventView(event: event)
EventComplicationView(event: nil)
EventComplicationView(event: nil)