Apple Health Frameworks

Nov 29 2022 · Swift 5, iOS 15, Xcode 13

Part 2: Dive Into More Details

07. Add a Vaccination Task

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Notes: 07. Add a Vaccination Task

Please check your local health authorities for guidance and find out when you are able to get vaccinated.

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Part 2, Episode 08, Add a vaccination task

In this episode, I want to show you how to add a new task to the OCKDailyPageViewController. You should be familiar with this architecture by now but let’s take a deep look into it and use all of the knowledge that you got by now.

  static func makeVaccinationCheck() -> OCKTask {
    let schedule = OCKSchedule.dailyAtTime(
      hour: 0,
      minutes: 0,
      start: Date(),
      end: nil,
      text: nil,
      duration: .allDay)
    var task = OCKTask(
      id: TaskModel.vaccinationCheck.rawValue,
      title: "Vaccination Task",
      carePlanUUID: nil,
      schedule: schedule)
    task.instructions =
      "Please check your local health authorities for guidance and find out when you can get the vaccination."
    task.impactsAdherence = false
    return task
    let taskList = [TaskManager.makeOnboarding(),
static func vaccinationSurvey() -> ORKTask { 


    // The Welcome Instruction step.
    let welcomeInstructionStep = ORKInstructionStep(identifier: IdentifierModel.vaccinationWelcome.rawValue)
    welcomeInstructionStep.image = UIImage(named: "welcome-image")
    welcomeInstructionStep.imageContentMode = .scaleAspectFill
    welcomeInstructionStep.title = "Vaccination Survey!"
    welcomeInstructionStep.detailText = "Thank you for taking the Vaccination."

    // Birthday step
    let birthdayAnswerFormat = ORKAnswerFormat.dateAnswerFormat(
      withDefaultDate: nil,
      minimumDate: nil,
      maximumDate: Date(),
      calendar: nil)
    let birthdayStep = ORKQuestionStep(
      identifier: IdentifierModel.vaccinationBirthday.rawValue,
      title: "Step 1",
      question: "When is your birthday?",
      answer: birthdayAnswerFormat)
    birthdayStep.text = "This will help us to determin better overview based on your age."
    birthdayStep.isOptional = false
    // Vaccine Type step.
    let vaccineType = [
        text: "Oxford–AstraZeneca",
        value: "Oxford–AstraZeneca" as NSCoding & NSCopying & NSObjectProtocol),
        text: "Moderna",
        value: "Moderna" as NSCoding & NSCopying & NSObjectProtocol),
        text: "Pfizer–BioNTech",
        value: "Pfizer–BioNTech" as NSCoding & NSCopying & NSObjectProtocol),
        text: "Janssen",
        value: "Janssen" as NSCoding & NSCopying & NSObjectProtocol),
        withText: "Other",
        detailText: nil,
        value: "Other" as NSCoding & NSCopying & NSObjectProtocol,
        exclusive: true,
        textViewPlaceholderText: "enter additional information")

    let vaccineTypeAnswerFormat = ORKAnswerFormat.choiceAnswerFormat(with: .singleChoice, textChoices: vaccineType)
    let vaccineTypeStep = ORKQuestionStep(
      identifier: IdentifierModel.vaccinationType.rawValue,
      title: "Step 2",
      question: "Which Vaccince did you take?",
      answer: vaccineTypeAnswerFormat,
      learnMoreItem: nil)
    vaccineTypeStep.text = "Please choose which Vaccine did you take this time?"
    vaccineTypeStep.isOptional = false
    //    Date and Time of vaccination
    let dateAnswerFormat = ORKAnswerFormat.dateTime()
    let dateStep = ORKQuestionStep(
      identifier: IdentifierModel.vaccinationDate.rawValue,
      title: "Step 3",
      question: "When did you get the vaccine?",
      answer: dateAnswerFormat)
    dateStep.text = "Date and Time of Vaccination"
    dateStep.isOptional = false
    // Completion Step
    let completionStep = ORKCompletionStep(identifier: IdentifierModel.vaccinationCompletion.rawValue)
    completionStep.title = "Task Complete"
    completionStep.text =
      "Thank you for taking the Vaccince. Now you can see more details in the app as well as followup tasks."
    return ORKOrderedTask(
      identifier: IdentifierModel.vaccinationStep.rawValue,
      steps: [ welcomeInstructionStep, birthdayStep, vaccineTypeStep, dateStep, completionStep ])
  case vaccinationCheck
    case .vaccinationCheck:
      TaskViewModel.checkIfInputTaskIsComplete(input: input, storeManager: storeManager) { isComplete in
        if !isComplete {
          let viewController = OCKSurveyTaskViewController(
            taskID: input.rawValue,
            eventQuery: OCKEventQuery(for: date),
            storeManager: storeManager,
            survey: SurveyManager.vaccinationSurvey(),
            extractOutcome: { _ in return [OCKOutcomeValue(Date())] })
          viewController.surveyDelegate = delegate
          listViewController.appendViewController(viewController, animated: false)
      input: .onboarding,
      storeManager: storeManager) { onboardingIsComplete in
      if onboardingIsComplete {
          input: .vaccinationCheck,
          date: date,
          storeManager: self.storeManager,
          listViewController: listViewController,
          delegate: self)