Apple Health Frameworks

Nov 29 2022 Swift 5, iOS 15, Xcode 13

Part 3: Take Advantage of CareKit & ResearchKit

10. Make a Follow-Up Vaccination Task

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Please check your local health authorities for guidance and find out when you are able to get vaccinated.

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Part 3, Episode 11, Make a follow-up Vaccination Task

In this episode, I want to show you how to add a new task by using an output of other tasks, for example, extracting the date of the first dose of vaccine and adding the follow-up reminder to inject the second dose after a month.

  case secondVaccinationCheck
  static func makeNextVaccination(date: Date) -> OCKTask {
    let thisMorning = Calendar.current.startOfDay(for: date)
    let nextMonth =
      byAdding: .month,
      value: 1,
      to: thisMorning)
    let schedule = OCKSchedule.dailyAtTime(
      hour: 0,
      minutes: 0,
      start: nextMonth ?? Date(),
      end: nil,
      text: nil,
      duration: .allDay)
    var task = OCKTask(
      id: TaskModel.secondVaccinationCheck.rawValue,
      title: "Vaccination Task",
      carePlanUUID: nil,
      schedule: schedule)
    task.instructions =
      "Please check your local health authorities for guidance and find out when you are able to get a vaccination."
    task.impactsAdherence = false
    return task
    case .vaccinationCheck, .secondVaccinationCheck:
{ result in
              if let survey = result.results?.first(where: { $0.identifier == "" }) as? ORKStepResult,
              let dateResult = survey.results?.first as? ORKDateQuestionResult,
              let answer = dateResult.dateAnswer {
                  storeManager: storeManager,
                  tasksList: [
                    TaskManager.makeNextVaccination(date: answer)
              return [OCKOutcomeValue(Date())] }
if id == TaskModel.checkIn || id == TaskModel.secondVaccinationCheck