Android & Flutter Office Hours

May 19 2020 ·

04. Android & Flutter Office Hours: June 6, 2020

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Notes: 04. Android & Flutter Office Hours: June 6, 2020

4:38 -Demo from Fuad Kamal - "I am querying two types of hardware sensors in Android: 1) fused accelerometer 2) fused location (Location Services). How would I organize the tables structure, and the data classes for Room?"

41:38 - "The startup I am currently working at recently made some organizational changes and placed me on an unexpected career path. I am really confused about it and would really appreciate if I could have a chat with someone senior about career progression. I promise to keep it short. Normally I would post a list of questions but it's a series of doubts in my head right now. - Subhrajyoti Sen"