Android & Flutter Office Hours

May 19 2020 ·

01. Android & Flutter Office Hours: May 16, 2020

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Notes: 01. Android & Flutter Office Hours: May 16, 2020

  • 11:00 - "Is this good time to go with flutter? and reason? -- Shanker Dhand"
  • 30:25 - "Is it better to focus on a single platform like just iOS or Android or should you try to learn Android, iOS and Flutter simultaneously? -- attendee question"
  • 35:50 - "what do you think about the demand for mobile developers in ten years? -- attendee question"
  • 42:56 - "I started with Flutter a couple of months ago and I'm still confused when it comes to architecture. When you have a medium sized app, you need an auth manager a push notification manager, a navigation manager and so on. Do you have any advice about architecture on medium sized flutter apps? -- Zavi"
  • 50:43 - "How do you see Flutter and Android Native co-existing in the future considering Future OS by Google is coming in the near future -- Deshant"