Android & Flutter Office Hours

May 19 2020 ·

02. Android & Flutter Office Hours: May 23, 2020

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Notes: 02. Android & Flutter Office Hours: May 23, 2020

  • 6:45 - Android Architecture Highlights presentation
  • 14:27 - "Do you think big companies like Google or Android will be able to help us develop UIs automatically so we don't have to code?"
  • 17:40 - "All the Model View Architectures are about presentation, what about the whole app architechture such as buisuness model repositary etc. -- Fabianml"
  • 20:25 - "How does Flutter render the UI and achieve the look and feel to both platforms?"
  • 24:32 - "Hi there, I’m a native Android developper and my company want to target both Android and iOS on a futur app. The app will use biometric auth, camera and push notifications. The problem is that i’m the only developer on the project (they don’t want to add another one). So my question is : Given that I know native android development, should I go for flutter or lean native iOS and inevitably write the same app twice? -- fabienml"
  • 31:28 - "Hi, i’ve a long question about Flutter, When it come to access platform specific feature you need to know native or use a third-party package. I know they are many third-party plugins on but some are bad or absurd, for example this image cropper package ( is just a wrapper on 2 native third-party libraries (why? Just why…). If one of the native third-party library break it’s over. You will probably say me « choose another package or build your own », So why flutter if a need to know native ?
  • If it’s just for sharing business logic I can easily translate it from swift to kotlin
  • If it’s for UI, in the future Compose and SwiftUI can do the job and again you can easily translate it from swift to kotlin (same concept) Web developers goes to React Native because they know web technologies and it’s easier for them. But for native developper, what is your justification ? I understand the advantages of cross-platform for business but, I’ve the impression that native developper rush on flutter because they are frustrated with the actual state of native UI development tool (android xml and iOS storyboard/xib) Is this promise of « write once, run anywhere » worth it if I need to fight with the platform in certain case ? PS: It’s not a « Flutter hater post », i learned it, like it and I love his way of building UI and his simplicity. But after thinking about it for weeks, I wonder if the « Go flutter it’s easy » it's not just a developer whim. I would appreciate your opinion on this subject -- Fabienml"
  • 43:28 - "Hello All of you. I need to create an android library(A1: A wrapper) and inside add 3rd party libraries .aar(A2: ). The main goal is other applications can consume A1 to have the services of A2. I see a google support ticket Any suggestion on here?. Thanks is advance --Ram"
  • 48:35 - "Hello, I am a student at university and have done an internship as an android developer. I like programming in Kotlin and want to pursue it as a full-time career. What is the future of android development? Do companies need more android developers? Is backend development more hard/respectable as compared to client side development? - dev0001"