Android & Flutter Office Hours

May 19 2020 ·

03. Android & Flutter Office Hours: May 30, 2020

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Notes: 03. Android & Flutter Office Hours: May 30, 2020

  • 6:02 - "I've changed my App Code for Android 11. And oh boy! it was too much work there, as my App now Needs to Support Starting from Lollipop to Android R. And I realised I didn't know a lot earlier like.
  • How to Properly Use Content URI against File Path URIs that was there all over my code.
  • App Specific External Storage and Shared External Storage and different FilePaths to expose in XML.
  • That we should use Input/Output Streams to Write to Content URI.
  • How to Add to MediaStore differently for >= Android Q and lower versions. I still think I might have missed something. Can you talk about these and other secret stuff u need to take care of when we need to support Android 11 still supporting older platforms till Lollipop. Thanks Again. Apologies for writing this just before office hours. -- dgcoder"
  • 11:53 - "Does library with bundles dependencies (fat aar) is a good practice ?" --Ram"
  • 14:36 - "What are the options of Integrating third-party Native SDKs in Flutter -- Ales Verbic"
  • 20:34 - "Please suggest me on Flutter PWA or other best PWA for a portal of about 300 screens. -- Haresh Gediya"
  • 24:52 - "hi everyone, can i ask something abouy firebase here ? anyone still got this message after using sdk min version 21 and using old settings.gradle setup files ? Plugin project :firebasecoreweb not found. Please update settings.gradle. Plugin project :cloudfirestoreweb not found. Please update settings.gradle. or maybe its about the firebase rules ? I havent made any rules for my new firebase database.. Thanks a Million for every milliseconds of your time -- Avengerz"
  • 28:03 - "Hi guys! I have a question for today’s session. What I want is to integrate Sitecore CMS into my mobile app experience. I have a native iOS ( objective C and Swift) and native android (java and Kotlin) code bases for my mobile app. I’d like a flutter solution for my content management ( all our content is managed in Sitecore for the website... but I’d like to integrate it into my mobile experience) -- valerianaGit"