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Android & Kotlin · 114 Results

Android & Kotlin Tools & Libraries
Android & Kotlin New
Graphics Using Jetpack Compose
Learn to create custom graphics using Jetpack Compose in Android with the convenient Canvas composable and the Paint object.
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Testing Legacy Apps on Android
In this course you are going to learn how to apply the test-driven development practices your learned in “Test-Driven Development in Android” on legacy Android apps. You will learn how to determine your limits when testing legacy code, how to add tests to a legacy app with no test coverage and how to refactor your legacy code for testability.
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Test-Driven Development in Android
In this course, you are going to learn how to create scalable and maintainable apps by applying several testing methodologies like the Red-Green-Refactor steps and frameworks such as JUnit and Mockito. You will also learn about SOLID principles, design patterns and the best architectures for testing.
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Wrangling Dates & Time in Android
In this course, gain a deep understanding of how the Data-Time Library works & learn to manage the essential classes from the API. Upon completing this course, you will be able to handle, parse, and format dates.
Android & Kotlin
Large Screens & Foldables Tutorial for Android
Learn how to build great user experiences for large screens & foldables in Android. Also learn how to design and test adaptive Android apps.
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Jetpack Compose
In this Jetpack Compose Course, you’ll learn what Compose is, what its fundamental components are, and how they behave individually, and when composed together. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to build beautiful and reactive UI, with a lot of meaningful motion when it comes to animating custom components, input field state handling, error handling, and automatic state updates within an MVVM environment.
Android & Kotlin
Android Background Processing
Learn about all the cool concepts from background processing in Android! Use the WorkManager, JobScheduler, Services, AsyncTasks and the AlarmManager. Learn what each concept brings to the table, and how they affect your app’s performance!
Android & Kotlin
Kotlin and Spring Boot: Hypermedia Driven Web Service
Learn about HATEOAS, build a state machine to model an article review workflow, use Spring-HATEOAS and see how hypermedia clients adapt.
Android & Kotlin
Serverless Kotlin on Google Cloud Run
Learn how to build a serverless API using Ktor then dockerize and deploy it to Google Cloud Run.
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Kotlin Serialization
Learn what Kotlin Serialization library is and how to use it in your Android app. Also learn how it differs from other data serialization libraries like Moshi and Gson.
Android & Kotlin
Write a Symbol Processor with Kotlin Symbol Processing
Learn how to get rid of the boilerplate code within your app by using Kotlin Symbol Processor (KSP) to generate a class for creating Fragments
Android & Kotlin
Mobius Tutorial for Android: Getting Started
Learn about Mobius, a functional reactive framework for managing state evolution and side effects and see how to connect it to your Android UIs.
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Top 5 Takeaways From Google I/O 2022 For Android Developers
Google’s annual developer conference has a lot in store for Android developers in 2022. This video is a rundown of the most important aspects of Google I/O 2022 for Android developers.
Android & Kotlin
Beginning Data Science with Jupyter Notebook and Kotlin
This tutorial introduces the concepts of Data Science, using Jupyter Notebook and Kotlin. You’ll learn how to set up a Jupyter notebook, load krangl for Kotlin and use it in data science utilizing a built-in sample data.
Android & Kotlin
Regular Expressions in Kotlin
Learn how to improve your strings manipulation with the power of regular expressions in Kotlin. You’ll love them!
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Material Motion for Android
Learn about the different Material Motion patterns and how you can use them to improve your app’s transitions.
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Deep Links in Android
In this course, learn how to use deep links to redirect users to a specific destination inside your app. After you complete it, you’ll be able to create a feature that can be helpful in marketing or user engagement, and which moves user experience to whole other level.
Android & Kotlin
Kotlin and Spring Boot: Getting Started
Learn how to use Spring Boot to create a web application with the help of Spring Initializr, build a REST API and test it.
Android & Kotlin
Android Data Serialization Tutorial with the Kotlin Serialization Library
Learn how to use the Kotlin Serialization library in your Android app and how it differs from other data serialization libraries available out there.
Android & Kotlin
Fastlane Tutorial for Android: Getting Started
Learn how to use fastlane to automate tasks like generating screenshots, updating metadata for your Android apps and uploading apps to the Play Store.
Android & Kotlin
Repository Pattern with Jetpack Compose
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to combine Jetpack Compose and the repository pattern, making your Android code easier to read and more maintainable.
Android & Kotlin
Getting Started with Cucumber
Learn to use Cucumber, Gherkin, Hamcrest and Rest Assured to integrate Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) in an application made using Spring Boot and Kotlin.
Android & Kotlin
Realm Database on Android: Getting Started
Learn how to use Realm database on Android for data persistence. You’ll learn how to add it to your android app and utilize its features.
Android & Kotlin
Testing With Hilt Tutorial: UI and Instrumentation Tests
Learn how to get started with testing with Hilt by writing UI and instrumentation tests.