Material Motion for Android

Learn about the different Material Motion patterns and how you can use them to improve your app’s transitions. By Subhrajyoti Sen.

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Who is this for?

This course is for Android developers who want to improve their apps’ experience by adding different types of transitions between screens and elements.

Covered concepts

  • Different types of Material Motion patterns
  • Slowing down system animations
  • Container transformations
  • Fade transitions to animate visibility
  • Shared axis transitions
  • Crossfade transition between pages

Part 1: Implementing Material Motion Transitions

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Find out what Material Motion is. Learn about the different patterns and transitions used in Material Motion.

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Explore the starter project and learn how you can use Developer Options to slow down system animations.

Learn how to use FadeThrough Transitions when switching between Fragments. Also, learn how you can delay the transitions to wait for views to be drawn.

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Use different transitions to animate the visibility of a view.

Learn how to implement Container Transform transitions using both simple as well as complex use-cases.

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Learn about the different types of Shared Axis and how to use them to represent a flow between screens.