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iOS & Swift · Article · 77 Results

iOS & Swift Article User Interface
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI: Getting Started
In this SwiftUI tutorial, you’ll learn how to layout the UI by declaring and modifying views, and how to use state variables to update your UI. You’ll use Xcode’s new preview and live preview, and experience the joy of code and WYSIWYG layout that stay in sync.
iOS & Swift
iOS Storyboards: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to design scenes, connect view controllers and define visual transitions in storyboards, without writing any code.
iOS & Swift
UIScrollView Tutorial: Getting Started
In this UIScrollView tutorial, you’ll create an app similar to the default iOS Photos app to learn all about paging, scrolling and more with UIScrollView.
iOS & Swift
UIStackView Tutorial for iOS: Introducing Stack Views
Learn how to simplify your iOS layouts with UIStackView. Layout a series of views horizontally or vertically, using alignment, distribution and spacing.
iOS & Swift
UISearchController Tutorial: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll build a searchable Candy app based on a standard table view. You’ll add table view search capability, dynamic filtering and an optional scope bar using UISearchController, UISearchBar and friends.
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI Tutorial: Navigation
In this tutorial, you’ll use SwiftUI to implement the navigation of a master-detail app. You’ll learn how to implement a navigation stack, a navigation bar button, a context menu and a modal sheet.
iOS & Swift
UICollectionView Tutorial: Getting Started
Get hands-on experience with UICollectionView by creating your own grid-based photo browsing app using the Flickr API.
iOS & Swift
UITableView Infinite Scrolling Tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn how to implement an Infinite Scrolling UITableView in your iOS app using a paginated REST API.
iOS & Swift
UICollectionView Custom Layout Tutorial: Pinterest
Build a UICollectionView custom layout inspired by the Pinterest app, and learn how to cache attributes and dynamically size cells.
iOS & Swift
Auto Layout Tutorial in iOS: Getting Started
In this Auto Layout tutorial, you’ll learn how to use constraints and apply them to making iOS apps.
iOS & Swift
Adaptive Layout Tutorial in iOS 12: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Adaptive Layout in Xcode 10 with iOS 12, enabling you to reuse the same storyboard for multiple devices and orientations.
Multiple Domains
Custom UIViewController Transitions: Getting Started
This tutorial will teach you to create custom UIViewController transitions for presenting and dismissing, and how to make them interactive!
iOS & Swift
Modern Collection Views with Compositional Layouts
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build beautiful, modern UICollectionView layouts using iOS 13’s new declarative UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout API.
iOS & Swift
UIGestureRecognizer Tutorial: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to configure UIGestureRecognizer objects and how to create custom recognizers in code.
iOS & Swift
iOS Accessibility: Getting Started
In this iOS accessibility tutorial, learn how to make apps more accessible using VoiceOver and the Accessibility inspector.
iOS & Swift
iOS Tutorial: Collection View and Diffable Data Source
In this iOS tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement a collection view with UICollectionViewDiffableDataSource and NSDiffableDataSourceSnapshot.
iOS & Swift
UICollectionView Tutorial: Headers, Selection and Reordering
Learn how to implement reusable views for UICollectionView section headers, select cells and reorder with drag and drop.
iOS & Swift
UIPresentationController Tutorial: Getting Started
Learn how to build custom view controller transitions and presentations with this UIPresentationController tutorial.
iOS & Swift
Peek and Pop With 3D Touch
In this tutorial, you’ll implement Peek and Pop, which enables you to preview content of the navigating view controller. You’ll also take a look at custom UIPreview Actions!
iOS & Swift
Getting Started with SwiftUI Animations
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add fancy animations with SwiftUI. You’ll go from basic animations to complex and custom spring animations.
iOS & Swift
SnapKit for iOS: Constraints in a Snap
In this tutorial you’ll learn about SnapKit, a lightweight DSL (domain-specific language) to make Auto Layout and constraints a breeze to work with.
iOS & Swift
How to Create Your Own Slide-Out Panel Navigation
This easy tutorial will help you add the popular slide-out navigation panels to your apps using Swift 4, Xcode 10 and iOS 12.
iOS & Swift
Drag and Drop Tutorial for iOS
In this drag and drop tutorial you will build drag and drop support into UICollectionViews and between two separate iOS apps.
iOS & Swift
Expanding Cells in iOS Collection Views
Learn how to make expanding cells in iOS collection views, as in the Ultravisual app.