Just as most professions require a workspace, you’ll also need an “environment” with the right tools to write code as a software developer. This environment may consist of hardware, software, online platforms, and other services required at different stages throughout the software development process.

To write programs with the Kotlin programming language, there are a few recommended tools you need to know about. With these tools, you can create simple to complex software one line of code at a time. Not all the tools are the same. While some have limited features to edit code, others offer many critical features necessary to build complex software applications.

This lesson introduces you to the software development environment and how to set one up for writing Kotlin applications.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between Android Studio and Kotlin Playgrounds
  • How to print text to the console
  • How to define the Kotlin main method
  • Android Manifest
  • The difference between a Kotlin program and an Android project.
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