watchOS by Tutorials Updated for Swift 3 and watchOS 3

We’re excited to announce watchOS by Tutorials, Second Edition – updated for Swift 3 and watchOS 3! By Chris Belanger.

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About the Authors

Of course, our book would be nothing without our team of experienced and dedicated authors:

ScottScott Atkinson is a software developer in Alexandria, Virginia. USA. For a day job, Scott is the iOS developer for Homesnap, a really great real estate discovery app. When he’s not developing, Scott rows on the Potomac River, explores new restaurants and cooks great food.

SoheilSoheil Azarpour is an engineer, developer, author, creator, husband and father. He enjoys bicycling, boating and playing the piano. He lives in Merrimack, NH, and creates iOS apps both professionally and independently.

MatthewMatthew Morey is an engineer, author, hacker, creator and tinkerer. As an active member of the iOS community and Director of Mobile Engineering at MJD Interactive he has led numerous successful mobile projects worldwide. When not developing apps he enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and surfing. He blogs about technology and business at

BenBen Morrow delights in discovering the unspoken nature of the world. He’ll tell you the surprising bits while on a walk. He produces beauty by drawing out the raw wisdom that exists within each of us.

RyanRyan Nystrom is an iOS Engineer at Instagram and passionate open source contributor for both Facebook and his personal work. In his free time, Ryan enjoys flying planes as a private pilot. You can reach Ryan on Twitter at @_ryannystrom.

AudreyAudrey Tam retired in 2012 from a 25yr career as a computer science academic. Her teaching included many programming languages, as well as UI design and evaluation. Before moving to Australia, she worked on Fortran and PL/1 simulation software at IBM. Audrey now teaches iOS app development to non-programmers.

JackJack Wu has built dozens of iOS apps and enjoys it very much. Outside of work, Jack enjoys coding on the beach, coding by the pool, and sometimes just having a quick code in the park.

Free watchOS Chapters this Week

To help celebrate the launch, we’re going to open up the book and share three free chapters with you this week! This will give you a chance to check out the book — we’re confident you’ll love it! :]

Where To Go From Here?

watchOS by Tutorials, Second Edition is now 100% complete, fully updated for Swift 3, watchOS 3 and Xcode 8 — and available today.

  • If you’ve already bought the watchOS by Tutorials PDF, you can download the new book immediately on your My Loot page.
  • If you don’t have watchOS by Tutorials yet, you can grab your own copy in our store.

You can get 10% off on this book — or anything else in our store — with the code IOS10FEAST.

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We hope you enjoy this massive free update, and stay tuned for more book releases and updates coming soon!

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