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Mar 8 2022 · Kotlin 1.5, Android 12, Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1

Part 1: Publish to the Google Play Store

07. Best Practices for Google Play Store Listing - Part 2

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Notes: 07. Best Practices for Google Play Store Listing - Part 2

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This is part two of "Best Practices" episode, where you learn best practices for app icon and feature graphic. App icons are used in various locations on Google Play including your store listing, search results and top charts. As one of the first images seen by potential users of well-balanced and visually appealing app icon can be key to capturing interest. Consider the use of vibrant colors in your icon to build interest and excitement, you may want to avoid using pure white or dark gray in the background. If these colors can blend in with the Google Play background. Keep your icon simple and visual, try not to overload your app icon with details or text. App icons that are similar to those of existing products or services can mislead users and may result in policy violation. Instead create a unique app icon that speaks to your specific app experience. Don't imitate other apps. These icons violate several rules. Avoid words like best, number one, top that indicates Google play performance or ranking. Avoid the use of text or graphic elements to promote deals or include prize information. Don't use graphic elements that could mislead users like notification badge. Your feature graphic is an opportunity to give users a better understanding of your app beyond what apps icon, and title convey. Consider vibrant color in your feature graphic to build interest and excitement. Minimize the use of text. Too much text can feel overwhelming for users and may not scale well to different screen sizes. If you do include text, pick one or two key messages. Avoid overloading your feature graphic with details, this won't be visible on many phone screens and may feel cluttered on smaller screens. It isn't best practice to reuse your app icon only as your feature graphic. However, feature graphic can include elements from your apps icon that solve as its extension and complemented. Screenshots and promo video also play significant role in improving your Google Place store listing. You can tell your app story with screenshots and showcase your app with the promo video. You can refer to links in the resources to learn more. Time now to create a store listing in the next episode.