Publish to the Google Play Store

Mar 8 2022 · Kotlin 1.5, Android 12, Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1

Part 1: Publish to the Google Play Store

03. Create a New Developer Account

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Notes: 03. Create a New Developer Account

Create a new developer account

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To create a new Google Play developer account, open your favorite web browser and go to: Click "Go to Play Console." Here, it'll ask you to log in with your Google account, if you already have one. If not, click create account. Creating Google account is free. I already have a Google account, so let's proceed. If you have not turned on 2-Step Verification for your Google account, like in this case, it'll ask you to do so before you proceed. Click "Turn on 2-Step Verification." 2-Step Verification provides extra layer of security because each time you sign into your account, you will need your password and a verifications code sent to your phone. So even if someone else gets your password, it won't be enough to sign into your account. Click "Get started." Enter your password. It'll display list of Android phones as well as iPhone where you are signed in with particular Google account. Click "Continue." Here, verify your phone number and select text message or phone call option to get the codes. Click "Use another backup option." It provides list of backup codes which are one time passcodes that you can use to sign in when you are away from your phone. Each code can only be used once. Use backup number instead. Update your number if required. Click "Send." Enter the verification code that you received as a text message on your phone. Click "Turn on." Go back to earlier Play Console. Refresh the page. You are now ready to create a developer account. Click "Learn more about which account type to create." "Google Play offers two developer account types: personal and organization. Personal and organization accounts have access to the same functionality and able to monetize on Google Play. The only difference is in the information that is collected when you are setting up your account. You will be able to change the account type later if the circumstances change." Choose a personal account if your account is for personal use. Choose an organization account if you're creating account for your organization or business. For personal account, your contact details would be your personal details whereas organization account, there would be contact details of your organization. Now go back to earlier Play Console tab, click "Get started" under Yourself for this demo. You will see a page asking about your contact details, et cetera. Developer name is a public name of your developer account. It will be visible to users on Google play. Contact name can be different than developer name. So, can be the contact email address and it'll not be visible to users on Google Play. However, you have to verify the contact email address, then provide your contact address and contact phone number. Get your phone number verified. Website is optional. However, Google recommends adding it as it helps them verify your account. If you don't have a website, provide your social media profile instead in the website field. Then go through Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement and Terms of Service before agreeing on the same. Click "Create account and pay." Here, you will pay one time $25 registration fee. You may be asked to verify your identity using a valid ID to complete your account registration. On successful registration, you'll be taken to welcome page on Google Play Console. Anytime in future to access Google Play Console, type in: in browser. Click "Go to Play Console." Here, log with the Google account that you used for registering a new developer account. I'm going to log in with my existing developer account. Select your developer account. You will be taken to All apps section on Google Play Console. Click "Account details" section under left navigation panel. Here, you can update all the information you provided while creating the account. Congratulations. You are now all set as a developer to start publishing on Google Play.