Your First Flutter App: Polishing the App

Apr 12 2022 · Dart 2.14.1, Flutter 2.5, Visual Studio Code

Part 2: Build Out the App

15. Create a Better Alert Title

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At this point, your game is fully playable. But there’s still some room for improvement. Obviously, the game is not very pretty yet and you will get to work on that soon. But in the mean time, there are a few small areas where you can add some polish.

String _alertTitle() {

var difference = ( - _model.current).abs();
String title;
if (difference == 0) {
    title = "Perfect!";
} else if (difference < 5) {
    title = "You almost had it!";
} else if (difference <= 10) {
    title = "Not bad.";
} else {
    title = "Are you even trying?";
return title;
return AlertDialog(
  title: Text(_getAlertTitle()),
int _differenceAmount() {
    return ( - _model.current).abs();
int _differenceAmount() => ( - _model.current).abs();
  int _pointsForCurrentRound() {
    var maximumScore = 100;
    var difference = _differenceAmount();
    return maximumScore - difference;
  String _alertTitle() {
    var difference = _differenceAmount();