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Navigating Coding Bootcamp: A Mentor’s Tips for Success
A bootcamp mentor shares tips for students on what to expect, what mentors want to see from their students and how to overcome inevitable barriers to graduating.
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The Future is Now: Integrating AI in Software Development
Generative AI is making a huge difference in software development. Find out how you can use AI to improve your apps and the pitfalls to avoid while coding.
Professional Growth New
Code Comments: How to Write Clean and Maintainable Code
Discover the benefits of good code comments and learn best practices for writing effective documentation. Improve code quality, readability, and collaboration.
Professional Growth
Is a Dev Bootcamp Right for Me? How to Make an Informed Decision
Looking to fast-track your tech career? Find out if a dev bootcamp is right for you, how to pick the best one and how to get the most from your experience.
Professional Growth
My First Hackathon: Lessons Learned and Tips for Success
Thinking about attending a hackathon? Find out what my first hackathon was like, what I learned from the experience and how to prepare to enter one yourself.
Professional Growth
Continuous Learning Strategies for Successful Developers
Explore the importance of continuous learning for mobile devs. Develop habits that foster self-improvement, making you a more successful developer.
Professional Growth
Boost Your Coding Interview Skills With an Effective Study Plan
Create a winning study plan to excel in coding interviews. Retain knowledge under pressure and collaborate seamlessly with interviewers.
Professional Growth
The Hidden Costs of Not Upskilling: Why Developer Training Matters
Don’t overlook the importance of developer training. Learn why upskilling is crucial for success in tech and the hidden costs of neglecting it.
Professional Growth
When Can I Call Myself a Senior Developer?
What separates a junior developer from a senior developer? Uncover the distinctions and find out how to advance your career to the next level.
Professional Growth
Unlocking the Power of Cognitive Diversity With Inclusive Leadership
Want to drive innovation and unlock the potential of your team? Learn how inclusive leadership and cognitive diversity go hand in hand.
Professional Growth
People-First Leadership: A Key to Successful Dev Teams
Discover the benefits of people-first team management and learn practical strategies for leading with empathy and prioritizing employee well-being. Improve team performance and foster a positive work culture.
Professional Growth
How to Write Impactful Peer Feedback
Discover the significance of effective peer feedback for mobile developers, and learn strategies for crafting constructive, beneficial feedback that helps your colleagues grow.
Professional Growth
Build Career Resilience to Survive (and Thrive) in Tech
Learn practical steps to cultivate resilience in your tech career so you can adjust to changes and bounce back from setbacks gracefully.
Professional Growth
How to Write the Perfect Resume After Graduating a Coding Bootcamp
If you’ve just graduated bootcamp, learn how to update your resume to show off your newfound skills — and also demonstrate how your past experience in non-tech jobs makes you a better candidate for a dev position.
Professional Growth
Evaluating Job Offers: How to Decide If a Company Is Right for You
Learn how to decide which job offer is right for you by identifying your job criteria and evaluate offers based on those criteria. You’ll also explore common factors to consider when choosing a mobile dev job.
Professional Growth
Why Even Successful Software Engineers Need Personal Branding
If you already have a successful career as a software engineer, you might think that there’s no real need for personal branding. Find out why it actually could make a big difference for you, and how to go about doing it!
Professional Growth
How to Get a Job After Graduating a Coding Bootcamp
So you’ve graduated from a coding bootcamp… now what? Learn the next steps you need to take to get a dev job after your bootcamp is done.
Professional Growth
Earn While You Learn: 5 Tech Jobs for New Coders
Still learning to code but need a job now? Here are five tech roles you can apply for today and build your dev skills while earning a living.
Professional Growth
Effective Phone Screen Interview Tactics for Mobile Developers
Learn how to handle a phone screen interview like a pro including how to prepare based on your interviewer, which questions to expect and how to follow up.
Professional Growth
Mock Interview Techniques for Tech Job Searchers
Boost your chance of landing a dream job by learning what a coding mock interview is, how to prepare, where to find questions and how to evaluate yourself.
Professional Growth
Professional Networking at Virtual Conferences: How to Connect Online
Virtual conferences help you build your professional network easily and affordably. Find out how and why to use virtual conferences to create a strong and supportive network.