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Machine Learning
iOS & Swift
Create ML Tutorial: Getting Started
In this Create ML tutorial, you’ll learn how to transfer your learning to Turi Create, and gain familiarity w... more
Game Tech
Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Artificial Intelligence
In this Unreal Engine 4 tutorial, you will learn how to use behavior trees and AI Perception to create a simp... more
iOS & Swift
Face Detection Tutorial Using the Vision Framework for iOS
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Vision for face detection of facial features and overlay the result... more
Android & Kotlin
Text Recognition with ML Kit
See how to use the new ML Kit library from Google to use machine learning and computer vision to perform text... more
Android & Kotlin
Image Recognition With ML Kit
See how to use the new ML Kit library from Google to easily enable machine learning capabilities in your Andr... more
iOS & Swift
ML Kit Tutorial for iOS: Recognizing Text in Images
In this ML Kit tutorial, you’ll learn how to leverage Google’s ML Kit to detect and recognize text.
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast: Getting Your App in the App Store (V2, S2, E5)
Professor Brad Ashburn joins Dru and Suz to talk about the trials and tribulations in his journey from writin... more
Flutter & Dart
TensorFlow Lite Tutorial for Flutter: Image Classification
Learn how to use TensorFlow Lite in Flutter. Train your machine learning model with Teachable Machine and int... more
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast: Leveling Up as a Developer (V2, S2 E4)
How do you level up in your development career? If you’re interested in how to upskill from a junior-level de... more
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast: Putting AI to Use in Software Development (V2, S2 E3)
It’s all AI this episode as Mina Gerges and Dan Ilies take all three of our hosts down the rabbit hole to exp... more
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast: XML vs Jetpack Compose (V2, S2, E6)
Dru and Jenn are joined by AlexSullivan and Filip Babic to help understand the transition developers are maki... more
iOS & Swift
Beginning Machine Learning with Keras & Core ML
In this Keras machine learning tutorial, you’ll learn how to train a convolutional neural network model, conv... more
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast: Corporate vs Indie (V2, S2, E8)
Explore corporate vs indie app development with Bhagat Singh and Mikaela Karon on the Kodeco podcast. Get ins... more
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast V2, S2, E7: Favorite Apps for Mobile Development
It’s a roundtable whirlwind when Fuad Kamal and Franklin Byaruhanga join Dru, Suz,and Jenn to discuss and lis... more
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast: UIKit to SwiftUI (V2, S2, E9)
Join Dru Freeman, Susannah Skyer Gupta, and Danijela Vrzan on the Kodeco Podcast to explore transitioning fro... more
Professional Growth
The Future is Now: Integrating AI in Software Development
Generative AI is making a huge difference in software development. Find out how you can use AI to improve you... more
iOS & Swift
Vision Tutorial for iOS: Detect Body and Hand Pose
Learn how to detect the number of fingers shown to the camera with help from the Vision framework.
iOS & Swift
Building a Recommendation App With Create ML in SwiftUI
Learn how to train a model and how to give it prediction capability using Core ML and Create ML in SwiftUI.
Multiple Domains New
Kodeco Podcast: Making Seats at the Table (V2, S2, E10)
We dig down deep as the entire podcast team is joined by Manda Frederick, formerly with Women who Code, and A... more
iOS & Swift
Machine Learning: End-to-end Classification
In machine learning, classification is the task of predicting the class of an object out of a finite number o... more
iOS & Swift
CreateML Tutorial for iOS: Creating a Customized Image Filter using Style Transfer
Style Transfer is a machine learning technique. Through this, you can transform any given image stylized as a... more
iOS & Swift
Person Segmentation in the Vision Framework
Learn how to use person segmentation via the Vision framework.
iOS & Swift
Natural Language Processing on iOS with Turi Create
In this Natural Language Processing tutorial, you’ll learn how to train a Core ML model from scratch, then us... more
Multiple Domains
How Google Is Addressing AI Ethics — Google I/O 2023
AI is powerful and risky. It can spread misinformation, violate privacy and create deep fakes. Learn how Goog... more