Kodeco Podcast: Surviving Layoffs With Joey deVilla (V2, S2, E11)

Join hosts Dru Freeman and Jennifer Bailey on the Kodeco Podcast as they explore strategies for surviving layoffs with developer advocate Joey De Villa. Gain valuable insights and practical tips to navigate job loss and find new opportunities. Listen now! By Dru Freeman.

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Kodeco Podcast: Surviving Layoffs With Joey deVilla (V2, S2, E11)

2 mins

In this episode of the Kodeco Podcast, hosts Dru Freeman and Jennifer Bailey dive into the topic of surviving layoffs with their guest, Joey De Villa, a seasoned developer and developer advocate who has navigated the turbulent waters of job loss five times. Joey shares his unique experiences and strategies for bouncing back, from dealing with the emotional impact to practical tips on securing new opportunities.

Tune in to hear his compelling stories, including the surprising coincidences and valuable lessons learned along the way. Whether you’re currently facing a layoff or just want to be prepared, this episode offers essential advice to help you turn a setback into a setup for success. Listen now for a candid conversation filled with wisdom, humor, and hope.

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