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iOS & Swift · 20 Results

iOS & Swift Audio / Video
iOS & Swift
How to Play, Record and Merge Videos in iOS and Swift
Learn the basics of working with videos on iOS with AV Foundation in this tutorial. You’ll play, record and e... more
iOS & Swift
Building a Camera App With SwiftUI and Combine
Learn to natively build your own SwiftUI camera app using Combine and create fun filters using the power of C... more
iOS & Swift
AVFoundation Tutorial: Adding Overlays and Animations to Videos
In this AVFoundation tutorial, you’ll learn how to add overlays and animations to videos, by using the AVVide... more
iOS & Swift
AVAudioEngine Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started
Learn how to use AVAudioEngine to build the next greatest podcasting app! Implement audio features to pause, ... more
iOS & Swift
Vision Tutorial for iOS: What’s New With Face Detection?
Learn what’s new with Face Detection and how the latest additions to Vision framework can help you achieve be... more
iOS & Swift
Picture in Picture Across All Platforms
Learn how to implement Picture in Picture for default and custom video players across all app platforms.
iOS & Swift
Vision Tutorial for iOS: Detect Body and Hand Pose
Learn how to detect the number of fingers shown to the camera with help from the Vision framework.
iOS & Swift
Photo Stacking in iOS with Vision and Metal
In this tutorial, you’ll use Metal and the Vision framework to remove moving objects from pictures in iOS. Yo... more
iOS & Swift
Video Depth Maps Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started
In this iOS video depth maps tutorial, you’ll harness iOS 13’s video depth maps to apply realtime video filte... more
iOS & Swift
New Scanning and Text Capabilities with VisionKit
VisionKit comes with new Scanning and Text Capabilities. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Apple’s la... more
iOS & Swift
Person Segmentation in the Vision Framework
Learn how to use person segmentation via the Vision framework.
iOS & Swift
ShazamKit Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started
Learn how to use ShazamKit to find information about specific audio recordings by matching a segment of that ... more
iOS & Swift
Audio Recording in watchOS Tutorial
Learn how to record audio right in your own watchOS apps!
iOS & Swift
Introduction to ReplayKit
ReplayKit allows you to record or livestream your apps and games. In this video, you'll learn the basi... more
iOS & Swift
iOS 10: Taking Photos
AVFoundation in iOS 10 deprecates the tools you used to use to take photos. Learn about the vastly improve... more
iOS & Swift
iOS 10: Editing Live Photos
In this iOS 10 screencast, you'll use the CoreImage editing flow you know and love to create awesome e... more
iOS & Swift
iOS 10: Audio File Speech Transcription
iOS 10 includes a powerful speech recognition API. Discover how to transcribe audio recordings in this iOS... more
iOS & Swift
iOS 10: Capturing Live Photos
In this screencast you'll learn how you can capture Live Photos in your own apps using the new iOS 10 ... more
iOS & Swift
iOS 10: Capturing Photo Thumbnails
AVCapturePhotoOutput has the ability to create preview images really quickly. Discover how to use this new... more
iOS & Swift
Core Haptics
Learn how to create and play haptic patterns, synchronize audio with haptic events, and create dynamic hap... more