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Android & Kotlin · 31 Results

Android & Kotlin How-tos
Android & Kotlin
Jetpack Compose: Getting Started
In this Jetpack Compose Course, you’ll learn what Compose is, what its fundamental components are, and how they behave individually, and when composed together. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to build beautiful and reactive UI, with a lot of meaningful motion when it comes to animating custom components, input field state handling, error handling, and automatic state updates within an MVVM environment.
Android & Kotlin
Publish to the Google Play Store
Learn how to build a release version of your app and upload it to the Google Play Store for testing and final release to end users. Also learn how to create a new developer account, how to use the new Google Play Console and familiarize yourself with the recent Google Play policies.
Android & Kotlin
Deep Links in Android
In this course, learn how to use deep links to redirect users to a specific destination inside your app. After you complete it, you’ll be able to create a feature that can be helpful in marketing or user engagement, and which moves user experience to whole other level.
Android & Kotlin
Repository Pattern with Jetpack Compose
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to combine Jetpack Compose and the repository pattern, making your Android code easier to read and more maintainable.
Android & Kotlin
Getting Started with Cucumber
Learn to use Cucumber, Gherkin, Hamcrest and Rest Assured to integrate Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) in an application made using Spring Boot and Kotlin.
Android & Kotlin
Jetpack Navigation: Getting Started
In this course, learn how to use the Navigation Architecture Component provided by Android Jetpack Library to simplify navigation in your app. It also helps you visualize your app’s navigation flow. You will also learn how to add Animations and Deep links to your navigation flow.
Android & Kotlin
SQLDelight in Android: Getting Started
In this course, we will introduce you to SQLDelight, a generator for typesafe Kotlin code based on SQL database statements, with built-in support for migrations, schema validation and IDE integrations. From initial installation all the way to customization, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this latest invention from Square.
Android & Kotlin
Android Sleep API Tutorial: Getting Started
Learn how to use the Android Sleep API in your Kotlin apps to track when the user is asleep, awake, how long they slept, and the confidence of the results.
Android & Kotlin
WindowInsets Handling & Keyboard Animations
Until now keyboards and Androids seemed to go in opposite directions. There was no API you could query to learn if the keyboard was open or to know its size. When the keyboard popped up, the screen and views would automatically rearrange themselves without a smooth transition. In this course learn how to interact with the keyboard via WindowInsets. Read its properties, know if it’s open, and create smooth, synchronous, animations.
Android & Kotlin
Creating Tiles for Wear OS
Learn how Wear OS Tiles are different from regular Android layouts, how to implement your own Tile and handle user interactions.
Android & Kotlin
Android Services: Getting Started
Learn about Android Services and the differences between foreground, background and bound services.
Android & Kotlin
Resizable Apps & Multi-Window Support in Android
This course will show you how to make your apps resizable and in turn support the multi-window mode in Android. Using this approach, you’ll allow your users to multi-task by using multiple apps at the same time.
Android & Kotlin
Android In App Review
This course will teach you how to implement the new Android In App Review API from the Play Core set of tools. You’ll learn how to ask for user reviews at key moments in your app to help increase your Play Store rating and improve your app visibility!
Android & Kotlin
Migrating From Dagger to Hilt
Learn about Hilt and its API. Discover how Hilt facilitates working with Dagger by migrating the code of an existing app from Dagger to Hilt.
Android & Kotlin
Build an App Like Discord with Firebase
Learn how to create a messaging app like Discord or Slack using Firebase! Firebase is one of the most popular mobile development platforms out there that helps you implement authentication and a realtime database for your apps.
Android & Kotlin
Implementing Picture In Picture Mode In Android
Implement Picture In Picture mode to allow users to watch videos even while they use other apps. See how a real-world app uses PiP, then learn how to add awesome media playback controls to PiP mode for ease of use!
Multiple Domains
Building the Android Open Source Project
Working on the Android platform is a task addressed by Google and OEMs mostly. In this tutorial, you’ll get insights into building the AOSP.
Android & Kotlin
Navigation Component for Android Part 3: Transition and Navigation
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use shared element transitions, action bar and bottom navigation to make an app that shows a list of random dogs images.
Android & Kotlin
Gesture Navigation Tutorial for Android
In this Android tutorial, you will learn how to add support for gesture navigation to your app, a feature that was added in Android 10.
Android & Kotlin
Write an AWS Lambda Function with Kotlin and Micronaut
In this Kotlin tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a “Talk like a pirate” translator and deploy it to AWS Lambda as a function.
Multiple Domains
Build an API with Kotlin on Google Cloud Platform
In this tutorial you will learn how to build a server side API using Kotlin and Ktor that you can host on Google Cloud Platform and use with your Android app.
Android & Kotlin
Android Notifications Tutorial: Getting Started
In this Android Notifications tutorial, you will learn how to create an App that allows you to set reminders at different schedules.
Android & Kotlin
Android Debug Bridge (ADB): Beyond the Basics
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to communicate with your device using Android Debug Bridge (ADB).
Android & Kotlin
Encryption Tutorial For Android: Getting Started
Ever wondered how you can use data encryption to secure your private user data from hackers? Look no more, in this tutorial you’ll do just that!