Resizable Apps & Multi-Window Support in Android

This course will show you how to make your apps resizable and in turn support the multi-window mode in Android. Using this approach, you’ll allow your users to multi-task by using multiple apps at the same time. By Filip Babić.

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Learning path

This is part of the Android UI & UX: Beyond the Basics learning path. View path.

Who is this for?

This course is for professional Android developers who are looking to enable multi-window support for their apps. Using multi-window support, you can run multiple applications at the same time, allowing your users to multi-task and be more productive.

Covered concepts

  • Resizable Apps
  • Multi-Window Support
  • Split-Screen/Freeform Mode
  • Multi-Winow Mode Lifecycle
  • Configuration Changes
  • Reactive Data Flow
  • Starting Activities in Multi-Window Mode

Part 1: Resizable Apps & Multi-Window Support in Android

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Explore the multi-window mode in Android and why it’s useful to users.

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Learn about the app project you’ll work on, what its structure is and how to set it up.

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Start by enabling the resizable app feature in the Android Manifest, and exploring how to use the multi-window mode.

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Learn how to observe multi-window configuration changes and where to receive updates when the user resizes their app.

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After implementing lifecycle handling for the multi-window mode, find out how to check if your Activity is in MWM.

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Learn how to launch new activities in multi-window mode and run multiple parts of your app at the same time.

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Implement Drag & Drop support from the Android API, to enable data sharing between different screens.

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Finish implementing the Drag & Drop support, by enabling global data drop feature of the API in another app.

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