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Server-Side Swift Networking
Server-Side Swift New
Supporting REST and HTML with a gRPC Microservice
Any microservice can become a gRPC microservice. gRPC and protobuf work together to bring more structure to building out APIs, even if your service has to work across different clients or support streams of data. The system generates model and networking code for the protocol — you define the API using a .proto file which […]
Server-Side Swift
An Introduction to WebSockets
Learn about WebSockets using Swift and Vapor by building a question and answer client and server app.
Server-Side Swift
Vapor 4 Authentication: Getting Started
In this Vapor 4 tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement user authentication for your app using both bearer tokens and basic authentication headers.
Server-Side Swift
Creating an API Helper Library for SwiftNIO
In this SwiftNIO tutorial you’ll learn how to utilize the helper types from SwiftNIO to create an API library that accesses the Star Wars API.
Server-Side Swift
SwiftNIO: A simple guide to async on the server
An important topic in server-side Swift is asynchronous programming. This tutorial teaches you how to work with two important aspects of async programming: futures and promises, using SwiftNIO.
Server-Side Swift
The OpenAPI Spec and Kitura: Getting Started
Get started with the OpenAPI spec in this server-side Swift tutorial on using the Swagger API with Kitura to generate an SDK for your iOS app!
Server-Side Swift
TCP Server With the SwiftNIO Networking Framework
Mobile developers often work with REST APIs or other networking protocols in their applications to access data or to coordinate activities. In this tutorial you will create a Swift Server with SwiftNIO, a low-level networking framework that makes creating TCP servers easier than before.