iOS User Interfaces with SwiftUI

SwiftUI represents the next generation of UI development for iOS; although UIKit has served developers well for years, SwiftUI's live previews and declarative approach makes it easier and faster to build great-looking apps. Get started with SwiftUI fundamentals, learn how SwiftUI thinks about layout in your app, build great-looking animations and even integrate maps and location data into your SwiftUI app in this iOS User Interfaces with SwiftUI learning path!

iOS User Interfaces with SwiftUI

Learning path · 4 video courses (6 hrs, 1 min)
SwiftUI Fundamentals
An introduction to building iOS user interfaces with SwiftUI! Learn about SwiftUI Views and modifiers, common SwiftUI controls, fundamental layout tools, navigation and data flow, and how to make the most of SwiftUI previews.
SwiftUI: Layout & Interfaces
Learn the fundamentals of layout in SwiftUI. Lazy Stacks andGrids, Scroll View Readers, Alignment, ZStacks, and GeometryReaders are the main topics.
SwiftUI: Animation
In this course, we’re going to get you started animating all sorts of SwiftUI views. Why should you add animation to your apps? Well, animation is a brilliant way to wow your users, and make your app look and feel unique. Practically speaking, animation can grab a user’s attention, and allow them to focus on what’s most important. It can help your users intuitively understand how to navigate your app or alert them to important changes.
SwiftUI Maps & Location: Fundamentals
This course shows you how to use MapKit and Core Location to integrate mapping and locations services into your app. With this technology, you can orientate your users, provide directions, and even create your own visual maps.

After completing this learning path…'ll have gained a great deal of experience in laying out your user interface in SwiftUI, how to build up your UI in a declarative fashion, how to achieve smooth and natural animations, and even how to integrate mapping and locations functions, all within SwiftUI. You can now choose to learn how to build up user interfaces with UIKit, or continue straight on into iOS Data and Networking!

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