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Kotlin Multiplatform by Tutorials

About the Authors

Kevin Moore is an author of this book. Kevin has been developing Android apps for over 10 years and at many companies. He’s written several articles, books and videos at He enjoys creating apps for fun and teaching others how to write Android apps. In addition to programming, he loves playing volleyball and running the sound system at church.

Carlos Mota is an author of this book. Carlos is an Android GDE and can easily be spotted either working on Android applications written in Kotlin or developing them along with Kotlin Multiplatform. He’s enthusiastic about new technology and constantly trying to reach that last 20% of all of his side projects that seem to be really far away. He loves to share his knowledge with others by giving talks, teaching, writing or along with a cold beer in the nearest pub. A GDG Coimbra organizer and Kotlin evangelist, he also has a giant passion for travel, photography, space and the occasional run.

Saeed Taheri is an author of this book. He has been creating iOS applications for about 10 years and Android applications for about 4 years. He has written articles at When not at his computer, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing football or watching it on TV.

About the Editors

Godfred Afful is a tech editor of this book. He is a software engineer specializing in backend and mobile applications development. He loves art, sports, nature and monkeys.

Jonathan Wong is a tech editor of this book. He is a mobile developer at Square, a member of the video team at, an author at, and runs his own blog and YouTube channel, Mobile Under 10. He’s a software engineer in sunny San Diego, where he’s worked on everything from mobile apps, to front-end Javascript, to server-side development. When he’s not taking care of his two kids, three cats or five chickens, he’s usually trying to steal away time for a good run or a good cup of coffee.

Megan Mallicoat is the editor of this book. Megan is an editor and university journalism instructor. She has professional experience in communications management, web design, and graphic design, but she’s most devoted to pointing out grammar and spelling errors. In her “free time,” you’ll most likely find her on the sidelines of some kind of kids sports practice, holding a book.

Subhrajyoti Sen is the final pass editor for this book. Subhrajyoti is a Google Developer Expert for Android and an Android Engineer at KeepTruckin, where he develops apps to improve the trucking industry. Before this, he worked on apps to improve the experience of Indian investors. He believes in the power of Open Source and communities and actively tries to give back. When not writing code, you can find him binge-watching anime, reading up on public policy, or playing Rocket League.

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