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Kotlin Coroutines by Tutorials

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Section I: Introduction to Coroutines

Section 1: 9 chapters
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About the Authors

Luka Kordić has been developing Android apps for 5 years. He enjoys sharing his knowledge by writing articles, holding lectures, and mentoring others. When not programming, he likes to play football, tennis, video games, and rock climbing.

Filip Babić is an Android developer from Croatia and a Google Developer Expert for Android & Kotlin. He’s currently working on building awesome things with Jetpack Compose, teaching people about topics in Android and Kotlin and sharing his knowledge in various types of community engagement.

About the Editors

Godfred Afful is a technical editor of this book. He is a software engineer specialized in backend and mobile applications development. He loves art, sports, nature and monkeys.

Kevin Moore is a Tech Editor for this book. Kevin has been developing Android apps for over 10 years and at many companies. He’s written several articles, books and videos at He enjoys creating apps for fun and teaching others how to write Android apps. In addition to programming, he loves playing volleyball and running the sound system at church.

John Hagemann is an editor of this book. He is a government program and policy analyst, technical writer, and editor, and has worked as a journalist and a writing instructor.

Massimo Carli is the final pass editor of this book. Massimo has been working with Java since 1995 when he co-founded the first Italian magazine about this technology ( After many years creating Java desktop and enterprise application, he started to work in the mobile world. In 2001 he wrote his first book about J2ME. After many J2ME and Blackberry applications, he then started to work with Android in 2008. The same year he wrote the first Italian book about Android; best seller on That was the first of a series of 8 books. he worked at Yahoo and Facebook and he’s actually working at Whatsapp. He’s a musical theatre lover and a supporter of the soccer team S.P.A.L.

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