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Kotlin Coroutines by Tutorials

Third Edition · Android 12 · Kotlin 1.6 · Android Studio Bumblebee

Section I: Introduction to Coroutines

Section 1: 9 chapters
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“To my family and friends, but most of all to my fiancée. Thank you for all of your love and support, and for your patience during the process of writing this book.”

Luka Kordić

“To my friends, family and everyone in the community who reached out and who I’ve helped, inspiring me in turn to help more people and share my knowledge.”

Filip Babić

“I would like to thank the many people who have made this book possible. To my father, who gave me the desire to be a curious soul and learn more. To my mom, who has supported me all along whenever I have had doubts about my own capabilities as a writer. To my friends, Saachi Chawla and Kirti Dohrey, who have always believed in me during my ups and downs. To people who have directly or indirectly been my mentor and helped me through understanding technology at a deeper level whenever I found myself stuck. And lastly, to the team at, my co-author, editors and everyone involved in making this book a reality.”

Nishant Srivastava

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