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Jetpack Compose by Tutorials

Second Edition · Android 13 · Kotlin 1.7 · Android Studio Dolphin

Section VI: Appendices

Section 6: 1 chapter
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About the Authors

Denis Buketa is an author of this book. Denis is an experienced professional based in Zagreb, Croatia with a decade of experience in the tech industry. After working as an Android developer, he has transitioned into an engineering management role where he is passionate about leadership, management, mentoring, and business development. In his personal time, Denis enjoys expanding his knowledge through audiobooks and podcasts, relaxing by playing video games, and working out.

Prateek Prasad is an author of this book. He’s a senior engineer and a product designer. He specializes in building mobile apps and has been doing so ever since high school. He also mentors beginners in the tech industry on MentorCruise and OpenClassrooms. In his free time, he likes playing music or nerding out about outer space.

About the Editors

Antonio Roa-Valverde is a tech editor of this book. He’s a software engineer specialized in Android development. He’s interested in innovation and shaping new products with potential impact on people. Google Developer Group co-organizer in Innsbruck and Munich. You can find him close to the mountains, either hiking, riding the mountain-bike or catching some curvy roads by motorcycle.

Prajwal Belagavi is a tech editor of this book. He’s a Software Engineer with a passion for mobile development based in Bangalore. He likes to explore new domains in the field of Computer Science and to contribute to open source projects. In his spare time, you can find him playing badminton or watching food vlogs or flying his drone trying to reach sky high!

Darryl Bayliss is the final pass editor for this book. Darryl is a software engineer with a soft spot for mobile development, based in London. He has a passion for helping small businesses that do good for people and the planet, as well as educating people on becoming better engineers. Away from the computer, you can find him reading books, involved in some fantastical game involving dragons or playing his new favourite pastime Chess.

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