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Jetpack Compose by Tutorials

Section VI: Appendices

Section 6: 1 chapter
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To follow along with this book, you’ll need the following:

  • Kotlin 1.7: Since Jetpack Compose relies on a special Kotlin compiler, you need Kotlin 1.7 both to write the code and for the compiler to process special Jetpack Compose annotations.
  • Android Studio Dolphin: Jetpack Compose is available publicly for use and doesn’t require any special versions of Android Studio. The minimum version of Android Studio the book supports is Android Studio Dolphin.
  • Android 5.1+: The minimumSdkVersion for the projects targets API 21, so you need a device or an emulator running API 21 or higher. Note for running UI Tests we recommend a device running at least Android 10.
  • Jetpack Compose 1.2.1 or greater: The projects for this are built using v1.2.1 of Jetpack Compose. You are free to use later versions, however we recommend sticking to the version used by the book to avoid any migration or compatability issues when following along.
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