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Hack Your Job Search

Section I: Getting Tactical About Your Job Search

Section 1: 6 chapters
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Section II: Standing Out From the Crowd

Section 2: 5 chapters
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Whew — from deciding whether now’s the time to jump into a job search to figuring out what you want and need from a position; from preparing your materials to growing your network and staying fresh with your tech learning — this book’s taken you along your first steps in your mobile dev job search! Thank you for trusting us to join you on this journey. Know that we’re rooting for you every step of the way as you land your first interview — and all the ones that follow.

We encourage you to return to this book from time to time, whether to reflect on where you want to go next in your career or simply to enrich your networking, learning and sharing skills. Just because this is a job search book doesn’t mean you can only use it when you’re searching.

We recommend revisiting the worksheets too. If you use these over time, you can look back and see how your thoughts, feelings and approaches have evolved.

Kodeco offers a growing number of professional development resources, including the following articles and video course of special interest to job seekers:

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Thank you again for purchasing this book. Your continued support is what makes the books, tutorials, videos and other things we do at Kodeco possible. We truly appreciate it!

– The Hack Your Job Search team

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