Acing the iOS Interview

The iOS interview process is nerve-wrecking, time-consuming, and frustrating. Join us to learn how to answer any interview question like a pro. In this course, experts from top companies show you EXACTLY how it’s done, from start to finish. You’ll learn what works and what doesn’t, and how to improve, so that you can go into your next iOS interview feeling prepared, confident and ready to rock! By Lea Marolt Sonnenschein.

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Who is this for?

This course is perfect for aspiring and veteran iOS developers who want to get significantly better at interviewing. Whether you’re on the lookout for a new role or just dusting off your interviewing skills. No special knowledge necessary, but a basic knowledge of Swift is advised.

Covered concepts

  • Computer Science Interviews
  • Behavioural Interviews
  • Practical Interviews
  • System Design Interviews
  • iOS Specific Interviews

Part 1: Acing iOS Interviews

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Enums are one of the fundamental topics when it comes to being an iOS developer. So, explaining enums in Swift can seem like a trivial topic and interview question. As David and Namrata show, you can start with simple examples to show you understand the basics and work your way up from there into more complex topics. How have you used them in the past? Advantages? Disadvantages? Do you know how they work under the hood? Watch this episode to find out.

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Copy on Write is an important concept in computer science that helps boost performance when copying data structures. It might not be something you’ll ever have to implement yourself, but the data structures (arrays and dictionaries) you use and love do. Therefore, it’s necessary that you understand it so that you know how they work under the hood and how they will behave. And if you ever want to create your own data structure, you don’t get this for free, so check out this episode to learn how to do it.

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System design interviews can be daunting, because there are SO many things you have to do and deliver in a clear way, while also communicating and collaborating with your interviewer. In this interview David and Alok show how to structure this conversation to design an iOS app to upload photos.