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Dart Apprentice: Fundamentals

First Edition · Flutter · Dart 2.18 · VS Code 1.71

Dart Apprentice: Fundamentals

Section 1: 16 chapters
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We would like to thank Matt Galloway for his work on Swift Apprentice, which is the Kodeco book that chapters 2-6 of this book are based on. Once you learn one programming language, you can readily apply many concepts to the next language. That’s certainly true for Swift and Dart, and having access to Matt’s prior work was a big help in speeding up the writing process for those chapters.

The predecessor of this book was named Dart Apprentice, which we later split and expanded into Dart Apprentice: Fundamentals and Dart Apprentice: Beyond the Basics. The original tech editors for Dart Apprentice were Brian Kayfitz and John Bennedict (JB) Lorenzo. Their comments and suggestions greatly improved the content quality. Some of Brian’s recommendations didn’t make it into the original Dart Apprentice but were influential in designing the structure of the current two-book series. Chris Belanger was an editor for the first edition of Dart Apprentice, and Joseph Howard created a video course that influenced the structure and content of that book.

Finally, we would like to thank Michael Thomsen on the Dart Team at Google for reviewing Dart Apprentice and giving recommendations for updated content to include in this edition.

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