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Android Fundamentals by Tutorials

First Edition · Android 14 · Kotlin 1.9 · Android Studio Hedgehog (2023.1.1)

About the Authors

Ricardo Costeira is an author of this book. He is an Android dev with a crush on clean code and software architecture. Jumping around between Portugal and Poland, Ricardo works as a senior Android engineer for Mindera, where he builds and maintains a retailer app with tens of thousands of daily active users. He’s a co-organizer of GDG Coimbra and a co-founder of Kotlin Knights. He loves cats, dogs, food, the gym and his specialty coffee hobby. You can find him on Twitter at @rcosteira79.

Fuad Kamal is one of the authors of this book. He provides mobile strategy, architecture and development for the Health and Fitness markets. If you’ve ever been to an airport, you’ve likely seen his work — the flight arrival and departure screens are a Flash 7 interface he wrote near the beginning of the millennium. You can learn more about him at Ruminations (

Kevin David Moore is an author of this book. He is a Google Developer Expert in Flutter and has been developing Android apps for over 13 years and Flutter apps for over 3 years. He’s written several articles, books, and videos at He is a cat lover with three cats and is working toward his black belt in taekwondo.

About the Editors

Fernando Sproviero is a tech editor of this book. He’s a mobile staff engineer who works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He enjoys learning and discussing good practices and architecture. He’s passionate about Android, iOS and API backend development. When he’s not coding, he takes care of his little daughter, Fiorella, and spends quality time with his wife, Romina. You can reach out to him on X @fernandospr or on LinkedIn @fernandosproviero.

Alex Chmyr is a tech editor for this book. He is an Expert Android Builder living in the UK who spent more than a decade of his life building Android applications and leading teams of engineers who build Android applications. In his free time, he’s a passionate miniature enthusiast. You can find him on X: @acm0x

John Hagemann is the English language editor of this book. He is a policy and program analyst who enjoys putting technical subject matter into plain talk. He lives in Washington with his son and their dog.

Zac Lippard is the final pass editor of this book. Zac resides in Murrieta, CA, where he works as a Senior Mobile Engineer for Zillow. When he’s not writing code and documentation, Zac enjoys hiking with his family as well as playing and watching hockey (Go Kraken!). Reach out to Zac on X @zebdor if you’d like to say “hi” or talk about anything mobile or hockey related!

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