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Android Fundamentals by Tutorials

First Edition · Android 14 · Kotlin 1.9 · Android Studio Hedgehog (2023.1.1)

“To my parents and sister, who are far away for most of the time, but always in my mind and heart. To my partner Maja, for all the love, patience and unwavering support — I would not have been able to write this without you.”

Ricardo Costeira

“To Asma, who inspired my first song, my first book of poetry, and so much more. To my children, the apples of my eyes, who provided light in the darkness of the night. To Ray Wenderlich, and the entire Kodeco team, for establishing the gold standard for quality content and showing me the way it’s done, and providing the friendliest and most nurturing culture. To all my mentors.”

Fuad Kamal

“To my wife and family for letting me create and learn new things.”

Kevin Moore

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