TestFlight Beta Testing

Learn how to use TestFlight Beta Testing to easily invite users to test your apps--before you release them to the App Store! By Jonathan S Wong.

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Who is this for?

This course is for intermediate iOS developers who are ready to invite users to test their iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS apps. It expects you to be familiar with Xcode and Swift programming.

Covered concepts

  • Submit a Build to App Store Connect
  • Add Internal Testers
  • Start Beta Testing
  • Add External Testers
  • Test Through TestFlight
  • View Build Status and Metrics
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Submit a build to App Store Connect in order to test an app through TestFlight. This is the first step to start leveraging TestFlight.

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Add internal testers that can start testing your app. Internal testers are people that are essentially on your team that have an Apple Developer Account.

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Start beta testing by assigning a build to a tester. Jump into the tester's point of view in installing TestFlight and redeeming the app.

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Add external testers and manage groups for external testers. External testers are testers that can live outside of your organization.

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From the tester's point of view, you'll see how to submit feedback through TestFlight as both an internal and external user.

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Review feedback from both internal and external users through App Store Connect, and see how to expire builds for testers.