Sign In With Apple

SwiftUI allows developers to provide their users with a secure and private method of logging into their app using their existing Apple ID instead of making a new username or having to use a social media login. Learn the concepts behind Sign In with Apple and how to integrate it into your app. By Josh Steele.

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Who is this for?

This course is for iOS developers who want experience in integrating Sign in With Apple as a possible login mechanism in their iOS app. It expects you to be familar with Xcode and iOS programming (including how to program in Swift). Having an existing app with some sort of login capability is helpful, but not required to follow along.

Covered concepts

  • Sign in with Apple
  • SwiftUI (including the SwiftUI Environment)
  • Delegates and Protocols

Part 1: Prepare Your Project

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Sign In With Apple requires you to enable a capability in Xcode, and this episode shows you how to do that.

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Sign In With Apple is based off UIView, and this episode will show you how to present it when using SwiftUI

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Learn how to handle tap events for your Sign In With Apple button, and what Sign In With Apple does behind the scenes.

Part 2: Handle Different Registration Types

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Learn how the delegate methods you'll implement handle the various cases when logging a user into your app.

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Learn how Sign In With Apple handles a new user registration for your app.

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Learn how you should handle signing in users who already have existing accounts for your app.

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Some users may already have credentials for your app in their iCloud Keychain. Learn how to handle that in your app.

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With the delegates and registration types defined, learn how to update the Sign In With Apple button to use them.

Part 3: Deal With Different Runtime Cases

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If iOS contains the proper Apple ID and credentials for your app, learn how to automatically display the Sign In With Apple dialog.

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Users can disable Sign In With Apple for your app. Learn how to check to see whether they are still signed in.