What's New in Swift 4

Find out what's new in the latest version of Swift, including Range, String, and Dictionary enhancements. If last year’s changes for Swift 3 still cause you uncontrollable night terrors, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with Swift 4! By Brian Moakley & Brian Moakley.

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With Swift 4, Strings are now collections again and ranges get a boost of features. Learn more in this screencast.

Swift gives us a lot of new features when comes to dictionaries such as sequence based initialization, merging, grouping, and more. This screencast will walk you through the new features.

In previous versions of Swift, Objective-C inference was automatic, but now with Swift 4, we have to opt into it. This screencast will show you the ropes.

Swift 4 adds a bunch of new changes to the language that can affect your day-to-day coding. This screencast covers a few of them.