Intermediate Realm on iOS

Learn how to empower real life projects by leveraging a number of great Realm features. Topics include: bundled, multiple, and encrypted Realm files, and schema migrations for app updates. By Marin Todorov.

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In this video, you will learn what topics will be covered in our Intermediate Realm on iOS video tutorial course.

Bundled Data 10:17
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Learn how to bundle with your app a realm file with initial data for your users to use immediately upon the first launch.

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Learn how to split your app's data persistence needs across several files to isolate data or just use different Realm features per file.

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Sensitive data like medical records or financial information should be protected well - Realm makes that a breeze with built-in encryption.

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Your app changes from version to version and so does your database - learn how to migrate Realm data to newer schema versions.

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In this video tutorial you'll learn how to handle even more complex migrations across several app versions.

Conclusion 5:18
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In this gripping conclusion video you will look back at what you've learned in our Intermediate Realm on iOS video tutorial series and see where to go next.