Beginning Realm on iOS

Realm is a cross-platform mobile database, a billion+ people rely on. It’s known for its speed, ease of use, and best of all – it’s price: free for all! But Realm is not just a database – it’s an object API that allows you to really easily store and retrieve the very objects you use in your app without converting them to structs, copying them around, or using an intermediate language like SQL. By Marin Todorov.

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In this video, learn what topics will be covered in our Beginning Realm on iOS video tutorial series.

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Learn how to define Realm object classes, which you will later persist on disk. Start with the Chatter demo project!

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Try creating new objects and persisting them automatically on disk. Learn how to fetch data back once saved on disk.

Results 15:04
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Learn how to query your Realm database for stored objects matching certain criteria and order them the way you want.

Lists 12:56
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You don't have to query your Realm database each time you want some objects back - learn to use pre-filtered and sorted object lists.

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Add reactive features to your app using Realm's built-in notification mechanism, which will allow you to update your UI in real time as your data changes.

Conclusion 2:20
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In this course's gripping conclusion you will look back at what you've learned so far and what awaits you in the Intermediate Realm on iOS video course.