Beginning Native tvOS Apps

With the release of the 4th generation Apple TV came tvOS, which inherits many iOS frameworks, as well as some new ones specific to the device. Learn the basics of creating native apps for the Apple TV by discovering what interface items are available, and how they differ from their iOS counterparts. You’ll also learn some new concepts, such as focus, and the Top Shelf. This video series assumes some prior iOS and Swift programming knowledge. You should also be fairly comfortable using Xcode. When making Native apps for tvOS it may also be helpful to know about table and collection views, as well as auto layout. Please check out our video series on those topics to learn more. By Michael Briscoe.

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Find out what's covered in our Beginning Native tvOS Apps video tutorial series and learn how to make apps for Apple TV.

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Learn the basics of a single view tvOS application; see what UI elements are available and how to customize them within Interface Builder and in code.

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Continue learning the basics of tvOS applications: see how to add text input, display alerts, and playback streaming video.

Focus 7:20
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Learn about the Apple TV focus engine, the UIFocusEnvironment protocol, and how to manage focus in your tvOS apps.

User Input 4:33
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Learn about user input in tvOS including how to utilize tap and swipe gestures to trigger methods in your app.

Top Shelf 8:27
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Learn about the Top Shelf and how to make it interactive by creating a TV Services extension for your tvOS app.

Conclusion 2:24
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Review what you learned in this Beginning Native tvOS Apps video tutorial series and get some ideas of where to go next for more information about building your own tvOS app.


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