Monetizing Your App with iAd

iAd makes it incredibly easy to monetize your apps and games, providing a really viable alternative to charging up-front. Google’s AdMob platform, which works hand-in-hand with iAd, supercharges that monetization through ad mediation. Get to know what all this means for you, and how to integrate iAd and AdMob into your apps and games in this monetization mini-series! You should know the basics of iOS development, and be familiar with storyboards, Interface Builder, and have experience integrating third-party frameworks before starting this series. By Caroline Begbie.

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Learn how to integrate the iAd framework and add a banner view ad to your app.

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Learn what interstitial ads are and how to add one to your app.

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Learn how ad mediation works and how to set up your AdMob account so you're ready to receive ads.

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Learn how to add banner and interstitial ads to your app to display ads from the Google AdMob network.